• An easy to use, disposable urination device for women on the go.
  • Stand up and urinate anywhere.
  • Pee Easy is discreet, convenient, and hygienic, making public restroom nightmares a thing of the past.
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PeeEasy is a standing urinary disposable cone for Women that makes urination on go completely HASSLE FREE!!!

  • PeeEasy is the new innovative cone that lets you pee while standing. This portable and disposable cone is perfect for today's totally unhygienic world.
  • Stand up and urinate anywhere: While traveling, in a porta-potty, boating, hiking, backpack, mountaineering, camping, flying, running, diving or at concerts. Enjoy your travel time.
  • Pregnancy or Medical Conditions: Perfect solution for pregnancy, when frequent urination and weight gain can make urinating uncomfortable and difficult. If knee pain, arthritis, aching joints or surgery has you struggling to urinate, Pee Easy can make bathroom breaks quick and efficient.
  • Waterproof and Leakproof: Made from high-quality waterproof cardboard. The unique leak-proof design prevents splatter, mess and overflow.


  1. Press the cone to open Pee Easy. Press it firmly between your legs, right under the flow area.
  2. Stand in front of the toilet and lean forward to urinate.
  3. Discard Pee Easy in a trash can (not in the toilet)
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