What is DNA's Effervescent Calcium?

DNA's Effervescent Calcium is a Calcium supplement formula designed to help patients that have problems taking large tablets.  

Who can take DNA's Effervescent Calcium?

DNA's Effervescent Calcium is a supplement beneficial for both Men and Women. 

What makes DNA's Effervescent Calcium different?

DNA's Effervescent Calcium dissolves in water, allowing for the complete dissolution and ionization of the calcium. It creates a buffered solution, which also enhances calcium absorption in the digestive track, and it can be taken with or without meals.  Also, since carbon dioxide is released during the dissolution of effervescent tablets, no gastric gas is produced in the stomach, eliminating bloating and alleviating discomfort in the upper gastrointestinal tract. 

Can the dose of DNA's Effervescent Calcium be increased?

There is no need to increase the dose of DNA's Effervescent Calcium, thru food you are likely to get between 300mg and 500mg of Calcium daily; therefore, the 100mg you receive each day with DNA's Effervescent Calcium should be sufficient for your needs. 

Do I get enough Vitamin with DNA's Effervescent Calcium?

Yes.  According to the Mayo Clinic adults need between 600IU and 800IU of Vitamin D and DNA's Effervescent Calcium provides 880IU of Vitamin D which is up to 110% of your daily needs. 

Why is Vitamin D important? 

Vitamin D helps you absorb Calcium, but it is also an Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and has Neuroprotective properties that support Immune Health, Muscle function and Brain Cell Activity. 

In addition, the study Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Israel, between April 7, 2020, and February 4, 2021 shows a link between Vitamin D deficiency and Covid 19 mortality. 

Can DNA's Effervescent Calcium be taken for months? 

Yes, for an adult person the need for Calcium is never ending.  Women lose up to 2% of bone density every year after age 50.  Men lose Calcium at a lower rate; however, this is still a problem for them too. 

How do I take DNA's Effervescent Calcium?  Day or night? 

DNA's Effervescent Calcium can be taken at any time, and you don’t need to take it with food.  However, it is recommended that you always take your supplements at about 24 hours intervals. Take them every morning or every afternoon. 

Does DNA's Effervescent Calcium have contraindications? 

There is no real contraindication as such but: Before you take calcium and vitamin D combination, tell your doctor if you have kidney disease, past or present kidney stones, heart disease, circulation problems, a parathyroid disorder, or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. 

Does DNA's Effervescent Calcium need a prescription? 

No, even though DNA's Effervescent Calcium provides a high level of Calcium and a full dose of Vitamin D it does not need a prescription. 

Where is DNA's Effervescent Calcium manufactured? 

DNA's Effervescent Calcium is manufactured in Lugano, Switzerland.

Can I take other supplements while taking DNA's Effervescent Calcium? 

There should not be an issue; however, you should consult your doctor. 

What if I forget to take DNA's Effervescent Calcium one day? 

There is no problem, just start again the next day. 

Does DNA's Effervescent Calcium present side effects? 

Calcium supplements cause minor side effects like gas, constipation, and bloating.  However, DNA's Effervescent Calcium produces no gastric gas in the stomach, eliminating bloating and alleviating discomfort in the upper gastrointestinal tract. But you should keep in mind that if you have excess Calcium in your bloodstream (hyperglycemia), you should avoid calcium supplements.  

Is DNA's Effervescent Calcium fattening? 

No, DNA's Effervescent Calcium is not fattening.