About Pee Easy


Pee Easy is a portable, disposable biodegradable female urination device for women –Ideal for porta potties, public toilets, traveling, anywhere in the outdoors, train, highways, flights, or metro stations. Especially for those with medical conditions, joint Pains and Pregnant. When using Pee Easy, there is no more crouching or standing on top of the porta potty toilet. No worrying about UTI’s or infections, you simply stand up and pee! No Spills on your shoes, Leaks, Overflows, or Messes. Its super practical to carry everywhere. Stylish pack of 10 They are packaged flat ready to just pop open and use. Fits in pockets. Convenient travel essentials for purse, gym bags, bookbags, car glove box, luggage’s. Its super practical to carry everywhere.

Discreet cone shaped urination device that is great for women on the go anywhere. Perfect for porta potties, concerts, stadiums, airports, hospitals, public transportation, outdoor activities. Best safe and healthy option for a dirty toilet porta-potties; Practical for the go girl who enjoys the outdoors, tailgating concerts, sports, parks, airports, anywhere! Go everywhere you want to go and never have to worry about an un-sanitized bathroom again!

BIODEGRADABLE / EASY TO USE: Pee Easy is perfectly shaped to fit you. No more spills, leakage Overflows, or Messes. Won’t fall apart, and no leakage or spills. No backsplash No overflow You can stand to urinate to avoid germs viruses and messy unsanitary surfaces in restrooms; no more wet toilet seat covers, covering toilet paper hovering or holding it in. When outdoors, stay neat and worry-free, no squatting no getting wet feet or wetting clothes.

  • Press the cone to open the Pee Easy Press it firmly between your legs,

  • Stand in front of the toilet and forward to urinate.

  • Discard the Pee Easy in Trash can (not in toilet)