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  DNA’S Effervescent Calcium 1000MG with Vitamin D3 880IU


Individuals lose 1-2% of their bone density every year after age 50; meaning you can have frail bones without knowing. That's why a bone density scan is so important. Unfortunately, most people only find out they have bone density issues after suffering from a broken bone.

The fact of the matter is that, after age 50, half of all women and a quarter of all men will break a bone due to low bone density.

For calcium to be absorbed into the body and the body’s cells to process as a nutrient, it must be in a bioavailable form. This process generally must take place in the stomach. But, if a person’s digestive powers are weak or the tablet is improperly manufactured, the calcium might not be available, and much of it could pass right through the system.

DNA’S Effervescent Calcium creates a buffered solution, which also enhances calcium absorption in the digestive track.  Calcium preparations must be dissolved before they can be absorbed; Calcium must be taken in a bioavailable form and DNA’S Effervescent Calcium should be the preferred option.

DNA’S Effervescent Calcium dissolves in water, allowing for the complete dissolution and ionization of the calcium. Because the product is converted into a bioavailable form in the glass, absorption increases significantly.  Another advantage of DNA’S Effervescent Calcium is that one sachet, because of its larger size, supplies the entire recommended daily amount of supplemental calcium and Vitamin D.

*  Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Israel, between April 7, 2020, and February 4, 2021





    The recommended amount for most adult women is 1,200 mg per day.  The recommended amount for most adult men is 1,000 mg day and 1,200 mg for anyone above the age of 70.


    The recommended amount for children and adolescents (age 9 to 18) is 1,300 mg per day. The recommended amount for pregnant and breast-feeding adolescents (age 17 to 19) is 1,300 mg a day and 1,000 mg for pregnant and breast-feeding adults (age 19 or older).


    DNA’S Effervescent Calcium is combined with 22 mcg (880IU) of Vitamin D, which is equivalent to 110% of the Daily Recommended Values, and Vit. D not only will help you absorbed and retain Calcium, but it can be a weapon against viruses such as Covid-19*.


    Vitamin D helps bolster the immune system to tackle

    Viruses that attack the lungs, researchers said.


    When DNA’S Effervescent Calcium is mixed in water, the calcium carbonate reacts with the organic acid, and is converted to absorb-able calcium ions. Also, since carbon dioxide is released during the dissolution of effervescent tablets, no gastric gas is produced in the stomach, eliminating bloating and alleviating discomfort in the upper gastrointestinal tract.





    1. 100% Bio-available Form

    One of the most important advantages is that effervescent formulations are 100% bio-available, vs synthetic tablets are only 50%-70% bio-available

    2. Gentle Action, No Stomach Discomfort

    Conventional tablets can sometimes only partially dissolve in the stomach, which can lead to irritation or stomach discomfort. Effervescent granules dissolve completely. They are gentle on the digestive tract and cause no stomach or esophageal discomfort

    3. Great Choice For Those With Difficulty In Swallowing

    Unlike regular tablets or capsules, you drink an effervescent granule by completely dissolving it in liquid rather than swallowing as a whole. Effervescent granules can be a great alternative for those who have trouble swallowing due to illness/age. Also benefits those individuals with sore throat or medical issues that make swallowing difficult.

    4. Tastes Delicious & Convenient

    Effervescent granules often come with an added flavor and sweetener. So, when dissolved they add flavor to make it taste better than regular tablets which have an odd metallic taste. They also intend to increase liquid intake. All you have to do is open the sachet pour into a full glass of water and drink it.


























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